Rental Panel Features

Payment Gateways

PayTm, PerfectMoney, RazorPay, Paytr, Paytrhavale, Paywant, Shopier, Shoplemo, Weepay, CoinPayments, 2checkout, Paytm QR Merchant ID. & Manual Payments are ready to use. More payment methods are comign with each udpate.

API Support

API for your customers who can place orders with API automation on their panel. Similarly you are placing order on other reseller panels, your customer can place order on your panel with API.

Admin/User Dashboard

Its having variety of services like editing of content and social engine optamization. The section of interest logs helps you to observe what your personnel are doing.

Custom Rate

Give special prices to your most valued customers, who are placing more orders from regular customers.

Advance Ticket Management

Built in support and ticket system. In which customers can inquire their orders through messaging system.

colour theme

Script is Built in mind that every person have a different test of color and theme, select different colors out of the box.

More Features

  • Drip Feed

    Convert any service in a drip feed service in just a single click. Fully automated drip feed system.

  • Api Fetch

    It will automatically add all the seller service and package just at one click

  • Average Time

    The average order processing time is calculated based on the order history.

  • Broadcast System

    Admin can send a message to all its users, which will appear to users as a popup immediately if they are only or whenever they will login.


You pay for panel maintenance. Not for SMM services. To process orders you may connect your panel to any SMM Service Providers.

OSP Rental


  • No Limit Rental
  • Superb user panel
  • Powerful admin panel
  • Efficient order processing
  • Auto Refill
  • Cancel Button
  • Average Time
  • Child Panels
  • Affiliate System
  • Various payment methods
  • Desigin Editor
  • User Login Imitator
  • More INFO!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a setup fee ?

Yes. There is 699 INR setup fee.

Yes You will need a Domain.

No In Rental Panel You No Need To Buy Host.

No we Dont Provide Refunds for any of our Products. Make sure to check DEMO before deciding to Purchase .

You need to get services from a supplier and have to pay for them.


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